Entrepreneurs in Residence

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiRs) are talented and driven students who learn on the job as they create and execute plans, with help from the team, to spread the idea of MYOLO around them.

We all look forward to getaways from our everyday monotonous life. The zeal to meet and interact with new people is always there in us. MYOLO is a app paying heed to all our needs. It is a platform to socialise, connect, recreate and discover.
Mehak Jain
MYOLO is an application which helps in building not just virtual relationships but real ones with the people who share similar interests with you.
I feel that such a connect is much meaningful but is increasingly becoming sidelined in this age of social media. Thus I belive that MYOLO is not just any app, it is a a revolutionary platform which makes us bond better, meet new people and enjoy the moment through the events that they frequently conduct.
In such a busy and hectic schedule be with people that share common interest. It's a fun app which brings you closer to your hobbies and update you with latest events get in touch with people and build relationships. It is mobile friendly.
Jyoti Goel
MYOLO is the great app for all of those who are looking after a platform to get connected with people who share the same interests as they themselves do and meet those connected at various events organised by the myolo team to build relationships that last a lifetime and to create unforgettable memories. It helps us in finding lifelong friends beyond one's college and work place.
Shrom Sethi
A great platform to unravel your interests and meet like minded people and make lifelong friends. Its an amazing app and its nice to get to know new people and participate in innovative events! As it says, Unstranger Yourself!
Himanshu Kapri
MYOLO is the perfect app for those who need a platform to socialise with new people who share the same interests as they do and meet them at interesting and exciting events organised by MYOLO to build relationships that last a lifetime and to create unforgettable memories. What makes MYOLO so great is that It helps us in findng trustworthy friends beyond our college or our work place!
Sejal Gupta
For somebody who looks forward to networking, MYOLO has now become more of a necessity. There is Nothing very onerous about the usage of this app and actually, it's rather fun. And not to forget, the events we conduct. They are super cool and a must watch. Trust me, this is the only application which teaches you how to live!!
Shivam Mukherjee
MYOLO is the perfect place to explore and meet new people. It is your true friend who let's you interact with like minded people and share your interests as well. MYOLO has brought a tremendous change by bringing a completely new concept in our lives and is perfect for those who love to socialise.
Aarushi Malhotra
MYOLO is an online and mobile friendly platform to discover people having same interests, it enables us to have a conversation with them and to meet them too at live offline events, basically like "un-strangering" yourself to like minded people!
Nishi Sharma

The Core Team

Kshitij Jain

Founder & CEO

With a Game of Thrones ringtone, our founder and CEO keeps a close watch on what the team is up to. An IIM-B and BITS grad, he’s worked with various businesses and is also a skillful Poker player.

Manan Rathore


One of the team’s only Android users, he previously worked with Hindustan Times as copy editor. A BITS graduate, he now dons various hats as co-founder. Federer, foreign policy and Fifa really get him going!

Misbah Ashraf

Product & Growth Advisor

While most startup people dream of hustling, this one does it. A former YC Combinator guy and fan of vintage lamps, he brings in years of experience with early-stage startups and focuses on the online product and growth.

Urvashi Katyal

Head of Marketing and Operations

This vociferous dealmaker heads our offline services. She has over two years of experience of working with some of India’s biggest startups. Two things she hates are too much butter in her chicken and parallel parking.

Harangad Singh Ghai

Head of Design & Digital Marketing

Harry to some and Angad to others, he adds over 5 years of design experience. While he crafts how our app and website look and makes our social media look good, he also curates all food-eating competitions at our events.

Archit Arora

Events and Corporate Relations

A go-getter who never says no to two things, food and music.
Archit takes a lead in planning all our events and executing them while taking care of community development as well.

Vaishali Panwar

Offline Pilot

A pilot at heart, she helps take our offline campaigns and events to culmination. With a background in English Literature, she also pens down blogs and ideas that’ll keep you engrossed.

Anuj Rajput

iOS Engineer

Usually the first one in office, Anuj has 4 years+ experience of building iOS apps. Sporting a hairdo like Elliot from Mr Robot, he makes MYOLO come alive on iPhones. He also hates Delhi traffic as much as you.

Himanshu Gupta

Lead Android Developer

Our Android lead, this cricket freak has memorised the F.R.I.E.N.D.S script. He adds 2-years+ experience with app development and has a knack of having fruit juices just before leaving office.